Reasons Why Your Computer Is Running So Slow

a laptop

Are you frustrated because of a slow computer? It’s familiar, but you might as well be requiring a lot from the computer setup. Identifying the issue can be stressful, especially if you have no idea where to look.

Also, there are various reasons as to why your computer is slow. Here, we have listed common reasons that can cause computer slowness to begin your search. We hope it will reduce your problems on issues such as speed so that you can reduce your stress level.

Too Many Programs Running

computer ms dos screenIf there is a particular program that you are not using, then you should shut it down. It’s noted that few available applications and browser add-ons remain running in the background. If your computer is full of icons. That means they are running when the machine is. It as well applies to applications running as well, if they are not in use then shut them down.

You Haven’t Rebooted in a While

It states common reasons as to why your computer is not working. The more your computer operates, it stores and collects temporary files planned to assist the computer to run faster. However, you can as well have a lot of essential things. A big cache can make your computer run slow. To avoid this, you should reboot your computer.

Too Little RAM

If you happen to buy a budget computer or it’s not the latest make, then you will find that the RAM is not enough. Recently, it’s vital to have a PC with a RAM of 4GB or more to enable the smooth running of things. But you can also increase your computer’s RAM. You will run a lot of programs smoothly at the same time and protect your system.

Hard Drive

windows pageHard drive types could also be another cause for a slow system. It’s advisable that you buy a solid state drive that uses flash memory. It is the same memory used in computers and USB drives to get data much quicker. As your hard drive becomes full, it also takes you time to access your information since the hard drive will have to go further to the drive to find the data.

Too Many Browser Add-Ons

If you have too many toolbars of all kinds installed in your system, then it can cause serious problems. These toolbars to run continuously in the background and add hidden software and ads which will put a drug on the computer resources. If you are not in need of them, you should delete them.