Ways to Prevent Data Loss

Most people use word processing software which has a big problem when it comes to data loss. It affects anyone who uses a computer and noting is so much frustrating than losing data that you spent so much time typing. A large number do create documents without the benefit of handwritten copies.

Whenever a data loss occurs, this is the time you find most people are trying to get help to recover their data. For any recovery to be successful, you must have backed up your data to do a restoration from a backup. It’s recommended to have a system to prevent data loss.

Location of Your Documents and Operating System

keyboard buttonA large number will choose My Documents folder to save their files, and this happens to be the worst place. In such case the OS and the folder will be stored on the same drive meaning in case of a virus or software failure, the operating system will be affected.
The solution will be formatting the drive or reinstalling the OS everything in the drive is deleted. External hard drives come handy as they not expensive and there are easy to use since you will connect to the USB port or firmware port.

Back up Your Files Regularly

Backing up helps a lot. Your back up happens to be up to date and in case of restoration nothing will miss out, but it doesn’t mean your back up ain’t subject to fail. Hard drives break and flash disks do get infected with viruses; increasing your odds of data recovery is truly important that’s why cloud back up is an option.

Beware of Email Attachments

We are always confident that they don’t contain viruses, but email attachments can cause loss of data. It happens when you receive an email with an enclosure with a similar file name as yours saved in the same location. The email attachment will auto replace your original document by overwriting the file and automatically you will have data loss.

Be Keen on User Error

Safeguards in Microsoft office are to be of advantage like version feature and tracked changes. If the recovery features are not set like the Undo button, the deleted portions will never be retrieved. However, if you need to avoid such mess with advanced features use keys like F12 before you start working to have your work saved under different file names.